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Marc Pujol

Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol Marc Pujol
Nominated as Best Actor in the BUTACA THEATRE AWARDS 2016.
Nominated as New Talent Actor in the Spanish Musical Theatre Awards 2014.

Just finished shooting "TODOS MIENTEN" for Movistar+ / Filmax. Directed by Pau Freixas.

Now on Amazon Prime: "LA QUE SE AVECINA", sit-com directed by M.Albaladejo.
Produced by: Mediaset / Tele5 / Contubernio.

Just finished shooting "LES RETROUVAILLES" for MayoFilms. Directed by G.Manzanares.

On Netflix: "MERLÍ" TVSeries. Directed by Eduard Cortés / Menna Fité. Veranda TV / Tv3/ NETFLIX.

Playing on tour "Essay on Lucidity" adaptation of José Saramago novel by Cia.La Danesa.
Directed by Roger Julià. Sold out in Teatre Akademia (Barcelona).

Playing on tour "Peggy Pickit sees the face o God" by Roland Schimmelpfennig, directed by Jorge Sánchez.

Just finished "MAREMAR" an adaptation from William Shakespeare's "PERICLES" by Dagoll Dagom.
Directed by Joan Lluís Bozzo. Sold out in Teatre Poliorama (Barcelona) last season.

"LOS NIÑOS OSCUROS DE MORELIA" written by Albert Tola, directed by Elena Fortuny.
Performances in Barcelona - January 2019. Teatre Tantarantana (Barcelona).

"INDIGO" shortfilm by Ignacio Rodó, Second Price at the Festival Metropolitano Cineminuto 2017 (México) and Jury Commended Winner at the Filminute International Festival 2017.

"LOGOUT" shortfilm directed by Victor Abreu, from Brasil, produced by El dedo en el ojo.

"YERMA" shortfilm based on Federico Garcia Lorca's play. Directed by Maria Martin and Roger Grau.

"100 METROS" Feature Film by Marcel Barrena produced by Filmax.

"RENARD" by Marc Rosich and Clara Peya. SOLD OUT in Teatre Lliure, Barcelona.
Barcelona Review Award 2017.
Xarxa Alcover Award 2017.
Best Family Show at the BUTACA THEATRE AWARDS 2017.

"FUENTEOVEJUNA. Breve tratado para ovejas domésticas" Lope de Vega adapted by A.M.Ricart
Cia. Obskené. Director: Ricard Soler.
AWARD Festival ALMAGRO OFF 2013 as Best Play.
AWARD Festival NOCTIVAGOS 2013 as Best Play.
AWARD X Competition OFF CALLE de Zaragoza 2013 as Best Play.
Spanish Theatre Award MAX 2015 as Best Adaptation
Nomination Spanish Theatre Award MAX 2015 as Best New Play

"FLOR DE NIT, EL CABARET". Directed by Víctor Álvaro.
Best Musical at the BUTACA THEATRE AWARDS 2015.

"THE MAGIC FLUTE" by Dei Furbi Company - SOLD OUT in BERLIN.
Spanish Theatre Award MAX 2014 as Best Musical.
Recently awarded in Cangas Comic Theatre Festival 2015 as Best Show.

Last works:

"73 REASONS TO LEAVE YOU" by Guillem Clua, directed by Elisenda Roca. Goya Theatre (Barcelona). 2015-16.

"FANG i SETGE" by Marc Rosich, Marc Angelet, Salvador Brotons, Josep Pedrals. Victoria Theatre (Barcelona). 2015-16.

"IMPREVISTOS". Shortfilm. Directed by Álex Escudero. Utopia Subfilms / Paradox Audiovisual. 2015.

'LA VIDA.ES' Webserie. By Camilo Villaverde and Pau Serracant.
Produced by COSES SERIES.
AWARD in the BAJA WEBFEST of México 2104 as Best Webserie.
AWARD in the LABWEB FESTIVAL of Madrid 2014 as Best Webserie.
AWARD in the International Film Festival of Girona 2013 as Best Webserie.

'LICEISTAS and CRUZADOS' Pitarra. Director: Jordi Prat.
National Theatre of Catalonia. 2014.